Monday, February 21, 2011

An indoor garden.........

My favourite room in the house still is and I think always will be the kitchen.  I have been growing herbs on the window sill all winter but I decided to spruce it up a bit by adding a little widow box made from recycled wood.  The licence plate on it I got at a local antique store, I think it used to be a moped plate.  Just a touch of spring on a cold February day...........

I also brought in some forsythia branches in the hopes that they may sprout for another touch of spring indoors....

Aside from the moped plate I also picked up this sign when shopping with my good friend Chrissy......I just love the way it looks, a perfect addition to my kitchen.

Have a good week everyone xo

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who's ready for spring........

I was saying just yesterday that although I have enjoyed this winter I am ready for it to be over and spring to come.  I cant wait to get out into my garden and I love the smell of the ground thawing.  Temperatures are set to rise again later this week and hopefully it will thaw most of the white stuff that is still covering the ground.  In the mean time enjoy these photos of the flowers yet to come..........

Happy Valentines Day !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I decided to go junking at a local flea market on Sunday and found these few little treasures.  I loved these jars, at $3 each they were a steal and they say........made in Canada!

and white tulips are the perfect thing to pick you up on a snowy white 
day in February!

I also picked up these old school lockers for a coat closet.  We have no foyer, or mudroom or a front hall closet for that matter.  So, I thought why not try and find some old lockers, paint them up and well, bob's your the saying goes.  They were bright orange and black but I painted them off white to blend in.  I love the contrast to the number plates and they now hide all of our coats, hats, mitts, boots..........well, you get the picture.

Happy Tuesday! xo